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Nurses are amazing we are at caring for others, but we’re usually pretty terrible at looking after ourselves. The phrase ‘self care’ feels like ‘selfish’. I should know because I burnt out myself.

So Wellbeing for Nurses is a monthly dose of in-depth articles thoroughly researched and written by global experts in the fields of health, happiness and well-being. It also has inspirational, fascinating and often hilarious stories sent in by fellow nurses from around the globe (It seems nurses the world over need superhuman bladder control!)

All in a handy mobile format so you can read it on the bus or train for that perfect pick-me-up before or after a shift.

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Lots of love, Allie x

Allie Wilson, RN

Founder and Editor of Wellbeing for Nursing Magazine,

Author of five Number 1 Amazon nursing bestsellers

Founder of the Happy Healthy Nurse Program


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